Get the look

Your high-school French might be rusty but this look is Provençal perfection with classic colours, verdant hedges and less-is-more charm. It’s amour at first sight.

The plants in this look

Bay Tree

Bay trees love hot, sunny spots and well drained soil.


Great for pots or hedging plant.

Dichondra Silver Falls

A wonderful trailing plant with beautiful silver foliage.

Dipladenia ‘Rio White’

Stunning white blooms paired with lush, glossy foliage.

Dwarf Bougainvillea

This scrambling shrub is known for its intensely coloured flowers.

Dwarf Lilly Pilly

Used for low hedges, topiary and pot culture.


A flowering shrub known for its exquisite perfume.

Hen and Chickens

Can be grown indoors in very well lit areas only.


Loves a hot, dry position and low humidity.


Produces sweet, small fruit all year round.

Lemon verbena

Richly scented lemon fragrance.

Licorice Plant

This plant has soft, densely-felted foliage and a licorice fragrance.


A shrub with twisting branches, dark glossy leaves and fragrant flowers.


Loves lots of sun and can live for over 100 years. Great for pots.


A great hedge or pot plant that loves lots of sun.

Star Jasmine

Very easy to grow and a great screening plant.


A wedding bouquet favourite with waxy, tubular, usually white flowers.


These succulents have water-storing leaves.

Wax Flower

A beautiful climber grown indoors or outdoors, prefers warmer climates.

Zebra Grass

With long, striped arching leaves, there are few showier garden plants.